A Pre-Purchase Boat Inspection will demonstrate the functionality of all aspects of your boat, or the boat you wish to purchase.Our inspection report will demonstrate if your boat is or is not compliant with safety marine standards and give you peace of mind to make the best decision. We strive to ensure your boat is in great condition and meets all of your boating requirements.


Our Pre-Purchase Boat Inspection will functionally test and check all your boat’s systems including:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Engine Systems
  • Battery & Electrical Systems
  • Hull & Fittings Condition


Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Boat Inspection

  • Understand the true condition of the boat you are buying
  • Make a good investment
  • Remove the emotion and excitement and deal only with the facts
  • Make an informed and intelligent decision – buy or abort the purchase
  • Gives you peace of mind when heading out on the water
  • Negotiate better and allow for the cost to rectify any defects eg: batteries, missing safety gear, flares out of date, switches not working etc
  • The Report will get you insurance ready. Our Reports are recognised by most major boat insurers
  • If you are buying from a Dealer, it is wise to request an Inspection before finalising the deal
  • Increased safety and reliability for you, your family and friends when you get on the water.