What do we check?

SeaWorthy Inspections has an expert team of marine technicians who will thoroughly inspect the boat you wish to sell or purchase, and provide a comprehensive report on the functionality and condition of the boat.

Our team is always ready to talk through the details of the report to ensure you understand everything needed before you buy/sell or insure your boat.

Seaworthy Inclusive Services


Boat Inclusions

Hull Floor/Deck
Transom Electronics/Corrosion Damage
Battery Battery Tie Down Box
Fuel Tanks & Restraints Fuel Lines & Filters
Engine Instruments/Dash Lighting Navigation Lights
General Lighting Wiring & Fuses
Windscreen/Wipers Mooring Ropes/Lines/Cleats
Bilge Pump & Float-Switch Operations Horns
Electronic/Radio Sea Cocks & Valves
Doors & Latches

Motor Inclusions

Engine Compression Test Engine Serial Number
Engine Condition Engine Oil Visual
Drive Oil Remote Bottle Level Engine Battery Cables, Switches & Terminals
Gearbox Operation Gear Oil Condition
Power Trim Oil Engine Control Operation
Engine Electrical Harness Charging System
Belts Anode Condition
Starting Mechanism Fuel Filters
Trim/Tilt Operation & Indiction Propellor Condition
Engine Mounting Bolts/Anchoring Visual Inspection For Water Ingress
Engine Cooling System/Tell Tale Battery (Electrolyte)
Air Filters & Flame Arresters  

Safety Inclusions

Life Jackets Anchor
Electric Winch Operation Oars & Paddles, Bail
Flares In Date Fire Extinguisher (Correct Size)
Distress Beacon

Additional Inspection Services


Trailer Inclusions

Wheels & Wheel Bearings, Tyres Winch, Cable & Hook
Coupling-Ball Weight Lights
Boat Roller/Bunker Condition & Alignment Safety Chain/Rated Shackles
Trailer General Condition Trailer/Vessel Width
Brakes-Mechanical & Electric

Seaworthy Inspections for Insurance

Insure your Boat with Ease

SeaWorthy Inspections provides a Comprehensive condition report of all aspects of your boat for insurance purposes.

Having your boat inspected by our team will give you a realistic evaluation of the condition of the boat and also bring you peace of mind when buying, selling or insuring.

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