seaworthy inspections terms and conditions


(a) This Certificate is dependent upon all aspects of the inspection being fully disclosed and visible at the time concerned.

(b) The owner agrees that this Safety check is to be used as a guide only and agrees to rely on its own enquiries and on the skill and competence of the Provider in providing this service. The Owner also acknowledges that the adequacy of the Certificate of Seaworthiness is dependant upon the Provider being given sufficient timing and opportunity to complete all normal testing procedures.

(c) The owner agrees that the Owner bears all risks of the Vessel and/or Trailer at all times, including the risk of Theft, Loss, Damage in relation to the Vessel and/or trailer:
– being transported to and from the Provider’s premises.
– at or on the premises of the Provider.
– being slipped, on a slip or being launched from a slip, or during testing.

(d) The owner must release and indemnify the Provider against all claims, actions, liabilities and cost in respect of any loss or damage to any property of the Owner, or injury suffered by the owner, its agent, servant or invitee’s, brought against the provider, except insofar as such loss or damage is caused by or contributed to by the Provider’.

I authorise work to be conducted during this inspection including work which require removal of vessel components and I agree to the Terms and Conditions as mentioned in the Disclaimer above.

Refund and Cancellation policy:

By booking a vessel inspection with SeaWorthy Inspections, you agree to the following terms and conditions regarding the SeaWorthy Inspections service: 

Fees, Cancellation and Exclusions:

  • In consideration of SeaWorthy Inspections providing you with vessel inspection services, including the provision to you of an inspection report (Report), you agree to pay the applicable fees as set out on when the service is made available for purchase by you.
  • Fees may be varied by SeaWorthy Inspections from time to time by posting the revised fees and charges where the service is made available for purchase by you.
  • If you intend to cancel an inspection booking, SeaWorthy Inspections reserves its right to charge a non-refundable cancellation fee of 10%
  • In the event that you cancel the inspection with under 24 hours’ notice from the inspection time, you will be entitled to a refund provided that SeaWorthy Inspections reserves its right to charge a maximum cancellation fee of 30% of the inspection fee including travel charges.
  • SeaWorthy Inspections reserves the right not to undertake a vessel inspection for any type of vessel or other items, in which case you will be entitled to a full refund.

Inspection Process: Following completion of payment for an inspection service, an inspector will contact the owner of the vessel to arrange a time to conduct the inspection and confirm the location of the vessel.