seaworthy inspections terms and conditions


(a) This Certificate is dependent upon all aspects of the inspection being fully disclosed and visible at the time concerned.

(b) The owner agrees that this Safety check is to be used as a guide only and agrees to rely on its own enquiries and on the skill and competence of the Provider in providing this service. The Owner also acknowledges that the adequacy of the Certificate of Seaworthiness is dependant upon the Provider being given sufficient timing and opportunity to complete all normal testing procedures.

(c) The owner agrees that the Owner bears all risks of the Vessel and/or Trailer at all times, including the risk of Theft, Loss, Damage in relation to the Vessel and/or trailer:
– being transported to and from the Provider’s premises.
– at or on the premises of the Provider.
– being slipped, on a slip or being launched from a slip, or during testing.

(d) The owner must release and indemnify the Provider against all claims, actions, liabilities and cost in respect of any loss or damage to any property of the Owner, or injury suffered by the owner, its agent, servant or invitee’s, brought against the provider, except insofar as such loss or damage is caused by or contributed to by the Provider’.

(e) *Weather clause – Due to OH&S the inspection may be postponed due to weather determined to be unworkable for a sustained period of time, such as heavy rain fall and extreme heat.

I authorise work to be conducted during this inspection including work which require removal of vessel components and I agree to the Terms and Conditions as mentioned in the Disclaimer above.

(f) Any liability on the part of the Provider arising from the issue of this Certificate from any cause of action shall not exceed the sum (AUD) $2,000.00 in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever.

(g) If any defects are identified on the first page of this Certificate, the owner or intending purchaser of the vessel will take it to sea at his/her risk because this Certificate is issued subject to those warnings.

Fees, Refund and Cancellation policy:

By booking a vessel inspection with SeaWorthy Inspections, you agree to the following terms and conditions regarding the SeaWorthy Inspections service: 

Fees, Cancellation and Exclusions:

  • In consideration of SeaWorthy Inspections providing you with vessel inspection services, including the provision to you of an inspection report (Report), you agree to pay the applicable fees as set out on when the service is made available for purchase by you.
  • Fees may be varied by SeaWorthy Inspections from time to time by posting the revised fees and charges where the service is made available for purchase by you.
  • SeaWorthy Inspections offer additional services as part of our vessel inspection. These additional services are not inclusive and extra costs will apply if selected.
  • Travel fees may apply for mobile inspection services. If travel fees are required to be paid Seaworthy Inspections will contact you shortly after your booking is confirmed.
  • Any extra marina fees incurred whilst doing inspection will be required to be paid by the individual who booked the inspection. 
  • If you intend to cancel an inspection booking, SeaWorthy Inspections reserves its right to charge a non-refundable cancellation fee of 10%
  • In the event that you cancel the inspection with under 24 hours’ notice from the inspection time, you will be entitled to a refund provided that SeaWorthy Inspections reserves its right to charge a maximum cancellation fee of 30% of the inspection fee including travel charges.
  • SeaWorthy Inspections reserves the right not to undertake a vessel inspection for any type of vessel or other items, in which case you will be entitled to a full refund.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Report:

  • The inspection of any vessel undertaken by SeaWorthy Inspections is VISUAL and non-destructive only and SeaWorthy Inspections will not be responsible for any defects that are latent discovered which were not visually apparent during the inspection. The inspection will cover the vessel’s general condition and system functionality. The inspection will specifically not cover the items set out in Annexure 1. No removal of parts or components is undertaken during the inspection process. You acknowledge that while SeaWorthy Inspections inspectors use accepted methods for fault detection, these methods will not necessarily identify all faults with a vessel. You should consider the age and condition of the vessel at the time of inspection and any Report should be reviewed in this context.
  • The Report provided by SeaWorthy Inspections to you is only current as at the time it is issued. It is your responsibility (as a buyer) to conduct a visual inspection of the vessel at the point of sale as SeaWorthy Inspections can only advise on the condition of the vessel at the time of inspection.
  • You should consider the age and condition of the vessel at the time of inspection and any Report should be reviewed in this context. Subject to all applicable laws, SeaWorthy Inspections does not provide any warranty regarding the nature, reliability, accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the Report or the fitness of the information contained in the Report for any purpose intended.
  • SeaWorthy Inspections does not check for any manufacturer recall notices and you should check that the vessel is not subject to a recall notice.

Annexure 1
Items SeaWorthy Inspection does NOT COVER nor report on.


  • Hull thickness
  • Internal structure degradation including stringers, lateral frame work and ring frames
  • Transom internal integrity
  • Internal structure degradation
  • Seat and Trimming foam degradation
  • Mooring line load test or degradation
  • Mast rigging and balustrade degradation
  • Door, latch and seal alignment and integrity
  • Vessel electrics and electronics accuracy
  • Transmission mechanics internal conditions
  • Electrolysis Level
  • Inaccessible or sealed under deck fuel tank condition
  • Water pump internal degradation
  • Standard to which repairs or service history have been completed
  • Additional accessories included as a result of owner’s modifications
  • Pump efficiency and flow rate
  • Radar and GPS sensitivity and range
  • Autopilot operation and accuracy
  • Air conditioning efficiency
  • Battery Electrolyte condition
  • Deep cycle load testing
  • Status of cabin areas 
  • Vessels computer systems, such as trip meter computers, autopilot and any other computer systems
  • Technical systems
  • Bilge Pump efficiency or size


  • Meters indicating oil and fuel consumption or the degree of oil and fuel consumption
  • Reason for oil leaks
  • Oil pump strainer to assess sludge build up
  • Filter lifespan
  • Control cable internal condition/friction level
  • All oils lifespan degradation
  • Power trim/ Hydraulic fluid condition
  • Power trim internal leaks
  • Charge system ampere output
  • Belt lifespan or balance
  • Propellor balance and pitch efficiency
  • Internal anodes
  • Engine mountings
  • Camshaft belt, drive belt and timing belt
  • Belt lifespan or balance
  • Estimated expiry of exhaust system, clutch, dual mass flywheel
  • Degree of gas emissions
  • Catalytic converters
  • LPG systems
  • Hour meter accuracy
  • Torch Power/Horse Power


  • Evidence of brake fluid contamination/hydraulic fluid
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) mechanics
  • Wheel balance, rubbing and alignment
  • Winch strap overall condition
  • Vessel/trailer balance, weight and length
  • Structure thickness and design
  • Internal Structure Degradation


  • Life jacket end of life span
  • Anchor to vessel ratio
  • Load test anchor system
  • Anchor Rope Length
  • Flare condition
  • Distress beacon operation and sensitivity

Inspection Process: Following the completion of payment for a SeaWorthy Inspection service, our team will contact the owner of the vessel to arrange a time to conduct the inspection and confirm the location of the vessel. The SeaWorthy Inspection report will be sent within two business days via email after the inspection is completed.