Below is a list of SeaWorthy’s most frequently asked questions.

“If the below doesn’t provide the answers you’re looking for, please contact us directly and we’ll be able to assist you with any inquiries you may have.”

Why is a SeaWorthy Inspection important for buyers?

On the surface, boats and PWCs appear to be simple machines with a hull, engine and trailer. In actual fact, boats and PWCs are extremely complex machines with electrical wiring and electronic equipment, complex engines, hulls that are susceptible to damage and leaking and trailers that suffer wear and tear, not to mention, rust. Just as you wouldn’t buy a second-hand car without a roadworthy, it is not smart to buy a boat or PWC without having a SeaWorthy Inspection first.Having a SeaWorthy Inspection conducted by an experienced marine professional can prevent problems occurring when you hit the water that can compromise your safety, enjoyment and of course, your budget!A simple inspection can save you thousands in the long run, and can protect you by identifying any potentially dangerous problems with the boat you wish to purchase or already own. It is important to not only inspect the boat before purchase, but also conduct a Pre-Season check to ensure ongoing reliability, safety and avoid the stress of a breakdown on the water or at the ramp which can leave you stranded. An inspection can also provide the necessary details for insurance purposes with marine insurers.

Why is a SeaWorthy Inspection important for sellers?

Selling your boat with a SeaWorthy Inspection Report can put the buyer’s mind at ease and ensure you receive top dollar for your boat. Buyers can make an informed and confident decision in purchasing a boat as they will be provided with all the facts from the inspection. This can have the effect of speeding up the sales process as everything is documented and clear in our report.

How much does it cost?

The price of a Seaworthy Pre-purchase boat Inspection will vary depending on the size of the boat and type of engine.


Prices starts from – $395.00


Prices starts from – $455.00


Prices starts from – $675.00

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Will you go to the boat owner’s house to conduct the inspection?

Yes! Inspections can be conducted at the owner’s home, workplace, storage facility or even a dealership, providing the owner of the boat has given consent. We offer a stress free process for both the buyer and seller that is both convenient and informative.

How far do you travel?

Seaworthy Inspections operates in Melbourne, VIC | Sydney, Central Coast, NSW | Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, QLD. The price may vary depending on travel distance.

How long does an inspection take?

An inspection takes around 2 hours to complete, and up to 5 hours on larger scale vessels or vessels with additional engines.

How long does it take to receive my report?

You will receive your report within 48 hours by email. Our inspector is happy to run through the report with you to discuss the findings if required.

If my boat requires repairs, can you perform them?

If works are required we can request a quote for you on all required repairs. Quotes can usually be provided within 48 hours from request depending on complexity of the repair or service required.Batteries can be provided onsite at the time of the inspection or at a later date.

What type of boats can you inspect?

We inspect all trailer boats, PWCs and marina boats.  We required the boat to be presented on a trailer, cradle or hard stand with clear access all around and water tap available nearby.

Do I need to attend the inspection?

No, you do not need to attend the inspection, however you are welcome to.  But we do ask you to reserve your questions to the inspector until the end of inspection.

What is not checked during the inspection?

As we don’t perform on water inspections, we are not able to check the boat’s balance and buoyancy. All other areas of boat functionality can be inspected out of water.Risers and Manifolds on Inboard Engines:Engine inspections are non-intrusive inspections. This means the inspection of the internals of the risers and manifolds with inboard engines are not possible without engine disassembly.  Risers are an area known for degrading on these engine types. We encourage buyers of inboard engines to have a service including this inspection soon after the purchase of the boat unless the seller has proven it was inspected recently.Diesel Engines:We do not include compression testing on diesel engines due to system disruption of removing diesel injector systems.

Once I book the inspection online, how quickly can my inspection be completed?

Our seaworthy team will schedule your inspection at the next available availability.  Our inspectors can be ready to inspect the boat as fast as 24 hours from the booking time. Booking times are made pending vessel access and availability.We understand that time is of the essence when buying a boat, so we endeavor to schedule your booking as soon as possible.

What qualifications do SeaWorthy Inspectors have?

All SeaWorthy Inspectors are experienced and qualified Marine Technicians or Marine Surveyors with years of proven experience in the marine industry. Our Inspectors undergo extensive training and regular technical updates to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

Does Seaworthy Inspections inspect boat trailers?

SeaWorthy Inspections does offer boat trailer inspections as an add-on option to our full boat inspection. This includes trailers with mechanical, hydraulic and electrically activated braking systems, coupling condition and ball weight assessment. Trailer inspections are an additional cost to our standard inspection price and are only available with an inspection. 

  • Single Axle Trailer – $65
  • Dual Axle Trailer – $90
  • Triple Axle Trailer – $150
Does Seaworthy Inspections do Sea trials?

No, we do not perform sea trials. We address the engineering conditions as the boat is presented out of the water. We implore buyers to request a sea trial with the seller of the boat to gain comfort and understand the boat’s features. This includes its weight and balance on the water ie: side to side and front to back stability both stationary and underway.  A hand over from the seller is also recommended to fully understand the boat’s features and operation. It is also important to test the engine’s performance to determine if it achieves an acceptable operating speed and maximum RPM at wide open throttle (WOT) as per the manufacturers’ recommendations for the engine.

Can the inspection be done when I am not home?

Yes. The boat or PWC must be accessible with a clear 1 metre around the boat and with a water tap nearby to enable us to run the engine. If the boat is stored behind gates and locked areas, access will be required upon arrival of our inspector.  Pets also need to be secured in a safe area during the inspection.