COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Procedures

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SeaWorthy Inspections is Open for Business with Strict Safety Procedures

We are working hard to ensure the safe continuity of our vessel inspection services. Our priority is to prevent transmission of COVID-19 by keeping our staff, customers and suppliers as safe as possible whilst minimizing disruption to our customers. We are enforcing various protocols and social distancing during inspections and optimizing hygiene standards, both personal and onsite for all inspections as required by Government health protocols. 

SeaWorthy Inspections – Safety Protocols

COVID-19 STAGE 4 RESTRICTIONS: UPDATE (05/08/2020 to 13/09/2020)

Stricter Restrictions put in place.

These are the strict safety procedures and protocols our Inspectors will follow:

Prior to Inspector’s Arrival Onsite:

  1. Customer to place key in boat’s ignition switch
  2. Customer to ensure there is a clear 1 metre area surrounding the boat for access prior inspector’s arrival.
  3. Customer to ensure and advise easy access to a water tap nearby

Upon Inspector’s Arrival

  1. Customer to remain indoors. or at least 3 metres from the boat
  2. Inspector calls the customer on the phone to announce arrival onsite or speak to the customer briefly from a 3 metre distance
  3. Inspector disinfects the boat while wearing appropriate personal protection equipment including rubber gloves
  4. Communication between Inspector and customer will only be accepted over the phone or online. be kept to a bare minimum observing social distancing protocols

During the Inspection

  1. Inspector completes the inspection utilising our standardised processes
  2. Customer to remain indoors or well away from the inspection site 

After the Inspection is completed

  1.  Inspector disinfects the boat
  2.  Inspector calls the customer to advise the inspection has been completed and that the boat has been disinfected

Note: The Disinfecting Solution has no detrimental effects on any materials or surface of the boat. It evaporates quickly and will not leave a residue, cause discoloration or corrosion.